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In Service to the Mouse: My Unexpected Journey to Becoming Disneyland's First President, was chosen as an Honorable Mention in the Life Stories category of the 19th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

The Shah of Iran. Imelda Marcos. Bobby Kennedy. Harry Truman. Jayne Mansfield. Gene Autry. Nikita Khrushchev. Who do all of these people have in common? Jack Lindquist.

Jack Lindquist handed Bobby Kennedy a briefcase full of cash, convinced Gene Autry to sell the Anaheim Angels to the Disney Company, and was gently reprimanded by Imelda Marcos. While helping to bring the masses to Disneyland, Jack Lindquist rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers of every decade that he worked for the Disney Company. His biggest adventures are chronicled in the delightful memoir, In Service To the Mouse, which I co-authored with Jack. With the ease of a natural storyteller, Jack recounts his adventures, sprinkling his stories with self-mocking and humor (he unwittingly almost traveled internationally with medication that turned out to be heroin).

Possessing both courage and joie de vivre, Jack suggested and created new ways of marketing an amusement park. With a unique way of handling business, Jack took plenty of risks from the beginning of his career as Disney’s first Advertising Manager. In Service To the Mouse, told in chronological order, begins with Jack’s impression of Disneyland before it opens and ends with his return to the park after his retirement.


"This is a valuable memoir by a man who 'accidentally' became the first President of Disneyland. If you’re a Disneyland fanatic—and there are many such people—consider this a must-read..." —Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

"In this remarkable 258-page recollection of his life and times as Disney's key marketing executive, Jack recalls his myriad truly unique experiences from the opening day at Disneyland in 1955 to his final days as the first president of Disneyland, having been appointed by Michael Eisner in 1988...[Jack Lindquist] memoir traces personal and ‘grand public’ moments of his nearly 40 years at Disney that retell rather hilarious incidents as well as turning points in how the Disney brand became one of the world's top 10 brands." — Robert Liljenwall, Brand Tech News

“When I expressed my love for Jack Lindquist on the air during our first Children’s Miracle Network telethon at Disneyland, I meant it. And here’s why: Without Jack, Children’s Miracle Network wouldn’t be at Disneyland. But I also adore Jack because of his humility, his humor, and his great ideas -- all of which are evident in his memoir, In Service To The Mouse. If you haven’t had the great opportunity to meet this man, you will get to know him after reading about his 38 years working for Disney, and you’ll adore him too.”
-Marie Osmond, Co-founder Children’s Miracle Network, actress, performer

“This book is not only a captivating story of the formation of an institution that has become an indelible part our culture, it's also the best primer on marketing I've ever read."
-Jim Doti, President of Chapman University

“Pure Jack and that is a great thing for all of those who want the ultimate peek backstage. A hero to those of us who tried to follow in his footsteps down Main Street USA.”
-Matt Ouimet, Former Disneyland President